USA "partly responsible" for UN massacre

4:24 min

In April last year the United Nations compound in northern Afghanistan's Mazar i Sharif was attacked, and seven people were killed, by a crowd protesting against the burning of the Koran.

This part of Afghanistan is patrolled partly by Swedish forces and one of those killed was a Swede.

But the person who'd set the koran on fire was American pastor, Terry Jones. So why did the crowd attack the UN? Now Swedish Television reports that it was US-led agents who turned the crowd away from its original target - the US embassy - which led it to end up at the unprepared UN compound.

One of the people behind this new report is Jesper Huor, known for his reporting from Afghanistan. His report has been dismissed by the Swedish Foreign Ministery, as based on rumours collected in a Swedish report. But he says his sources - which must remain anonymous - are reliable. In the attached sound clip, he explains to Radio Sweden about the events last Spring.