Björn Ulvaeus: Abba museum "will be surprising"

6:01 min

A long-awaited Abba museum will open next April on Stockholm's Djurgården. It will be connected to the Swedish Music Hall of Fame on the same site.

Björn Ulvaeus from Abba told Radio Sweden that it feels a "little odd" to be a museum piece, before he's even dead.

He promises that the new museum will show off some of the strangest outfits, the music - and be pretty surprising.

Plans to build an Abba museum on the south island of Södermalm fell through several years ago, and since then a touring exhibition called "Abba World" has been making its way around the globe, showing off the band's glitter and flares to a new audience.

Now part of that exhibition will form the basis of "Abba The Museum", which will share a building with the new "Swedish Music Hall of Fame".

All four member of the band are to have provided clothes, trinkets and memories to the museum. But how do they decide on which Abba-related projects to approve, how does it feel when old Abba songs are played on the radio, and do they ever get tired of being Abba members? We spoke to Björn Ulvaeus to find out more.