Just one presenter for 2013 Eurovision

Swedish Television has announced it is going back to basics for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, to be held in Malmö.

Speaking in the daily Dagens Nyheter, executive producer Martin Österdahl says they will go back to the old tradition of having just one presenter, that will be more involved in the show.

"We believe more in the Oscars ceremony-type way of presenting", he told the paper, and added that no presenter has yet been chosen.

He also told the paper that SVT wants to move away from the recent tradition of huge LED video screens on the Eurovision stage, wanting a more intimate setting, but adds they are looking for the "next big thing".

"We think you can do more by going back to the original idea for the contest, getting people together, focusing more on the artists. It has become a bit too distanced, and that is to do with the size of it all," Österdahl adds.

The last Eurovision to have just one presenter was back in 1995, the recent tradition has been to have two or three.

Meanwhile, Swedish Television has also revealed the "core values" of the contest on its home page. SVT say they want to "unleash the full potential" of the Eurovision, and go back to the original idea behind the contest.

Martin Österdahl told svt.se, "It's about embracing the unique diversity of people, cultural expression, music and joy of partying that can be found in Europe. To learn about cultures and build bridges is very important in Europe. It was important in the fifties after the two world wars that split the continent, and it's still important today."

An internal production document states, "For us this is the perfect platform to spread the message that all people are equal", according to svt.se.