bandy tournament wine criticised by temperance movement

Big increase in sales of alcohol-free drinks

Sweden’s state-owned retail alcohol monopoly, Systembolaget, says its biggest sales increase last year was in alcohol-free drinks. It’s part of the chain’s mission to encourage less or moderate drinking, and sales of alcohol-free beverages went up by 35 percent during 2012.

Otherwise, the general trend over several years towards more wine sales continued, with a 2 percent increase last year, while beer purchases remained at about the same level.

Sales of cider and liquor were down by 5 percent during 2012.

Meanwhile, the Swedish temperance movement has criticised plans to sell a special tournament wine during this year’s World Bandy Championships, being held in Vänersborg, here in Sweden. Bandy is a lot like ice hockey, only played outdoors on a field the size of a soccer pitch, and with a ball instead of a puck.