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Ein bisschen plagiarism?

So, the whole discussion about the alleged plagiarism of Germany's Eurovision entry has now reached the Swedish media. Is it a copy of Loreen's winning song last year? Or even Swedish House Mafia's "Don't you worry child"?

Well, not to my ears anyway.

Cascada's "Glorious" is clearly in a similar vein to "Euphoria", but then "Euphoria" was also similar to a dozen other songs.

Plagiarism is a lot more than "sounding a little bit like", if that was the case half of the songs in this year's Melodifestival would also be out on their ear. Martin Rolinski's flirt with Modern Talking, Eddie Razaz' Gangnam Style break etc etc.

And while there are dozens of plagiarism accusations filed at Eurovision and Melodifestival songs each year, very few ever get to court, and even fewer get chucked out of the contest.

Nicole's winner, "Ein bisschen Frieden" was accused of being a copy of Julio Iglesias' "Alle Liebe dieser Erde", and of course Sweden's Friends' "Listen to your heartbeat" was said to be too similar to the Belgian "Liefde is een kaartspel" from 1996. And don't forget the legendary "Eres tu" by Mocedades, the Spanish entry from 1973. Wasn't that just a bit too much like the Yugoslav song from 1966, "Brez besed", or even Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love"?

It is very difficult to actually find a single Eurovision entry that has been thrown out because of plagiarism accusations. There may of course be more, but the only one I can think of is Odd Börre's "Jeg har aldri vaert så glad i noen som deg" from 1968, which was very similar to Cliff Richard's "Summer Holiday". And in that case it was the composer himself who withdrew the song, not the EBU or Norwegian Television.

So, it's the usual storm in a teacup in the Eurovision world, and Cascada will most likely be on the stage of the Malmö Arena in May, but the accusations of copying might not help them in the voting...

/Kris, Radio Sweden