Suspected arson at Eritrean clubhouses

Three Eritrean clubhouses were burned down to the ground early Tuesday morning. The locales in Husby, Solna and Högdalen in the Stockholm region were set on fire one after another within a 90-minute span, causing police to believe this was the work of arsonists.

People living in the buildings were evacuated, but have since returned to their homes. There were no reports of casualities.

So far, no one has claimed responsibility for the alleged arson, but one member of the Eritrean Association speculated that it was done by Swedish Eritreans who are critical of the current regime in Eritrea. The person, who asked to be anonymous, told the TT news agency that "there was definitely a political motive behind it."

Swedish-Eritrean Social Democrat parlimentarian, Arhe Hamednaca, says it is unacceptable that clubhouses are burned and people have been put in danger. He doesn't believe, however, that the democratic opposition is responsible for the arson.

"It could be a government-friendly group who is trying to make it look like opposition groups have started the fires," says Hamednaca. "They are known for doing these kinds of things, especially since they are desperate right now."

The reason for their desperation, he claims, is the recent soldier upprising in Eritrea, as well as the Swedish media's coverage of how the Eritrean regime threatens and blackmails Swedish Eritreans.