Swedes arrested in Switzerland for driving Volvos

Several people, including Swedish citizens, were arrested in Switzerland on Thursday for parking next to each other in their Volvo cars, reports the Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet.

According to the Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes, the turmoil broke out after three Volvo Cars parked next to each other on a street in Zurich at around 1:00 pm on Thursday. Shortly after, police, reportedly with their guns drawn, carefully approached the automobiles.

Eye witnesses described a spectacular scene. "Police took out their weapons an surround the three cars. One of them had a machine gun in his hands," said eye witness Wassilis Charalampidis, to the newspaper 20 Minutes.

He says at least ten police officers took the passengers, who did not offer any resistance, out of the cars. They were transported in handcuffs to a police station in Zurich

Zurich police eventually released the individuals and apologized for their actions. They said they initially had indications that something was wrong, but after a short investigation, they found no evidence of wrongdoing.

20 Minutes reports that the cars were registered in Sweden and owned by Volvo Cars in Gothenburg.