Lööf apologizes for false information

Sweden's Minister for Enterprise and Center Party leader, Annie Lööf, made an official apology Friday to the Parliamentary Committee on the Constitution for having given them false information.

In August last year, the tabloid Aftonbladet asked minister Lööf's department for a document showing how much the Enterprise ministry had spent on parties and conferences. Before the document was handed over, a civil servant sent the same information to Swedish Radio News, in what has been seen as an attempt to play down Aftonbladet's reporting of the issue.

When the committee questioned her about it Tuesday, Lööf had said her department hadn't given Swedish Radio News the document.

"A minister must not lie. It is clearly set down in the parliament that when you are being questioned by a committee you have to get all the information on an issue before you answer," says the chair of the Constitutional Committee, Peter Eriksson of the Green Party.