Sweden Democrats

Åkesson wants to ban abortions after week 12

The anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats is the only party in Parliament who wants to lower the legal limit for abortions from today’s 18 weeks to 12. Party leader Jimmie Åkesson defended the party’s stance on Swedish Radio’s Saturday interview segment.

"This is about whether you think today’s situation with 30,000 to 40,000 abortions every year is good," said Åkesson. "It’s very high. I think it’s too many and I want to do something about it and you could do that in a number of ways."

Today 95 percent of abortions are performed before week 12. However the Sweden Democrats say lowering the limit is a question of principals. The party would like to ban abortion after 12 weeks except if there are very special circumstances, for example if the fetus is seriously damaged.

Åkesson said the party wants to give the fetus more protection, calling Sweden’s abortion laws extreme.

"Are you most women-friendly if you allow abortions right up to the birthdate or how far should this discussion go," he asked?