Polls open in Sami Parliament elections

Sweden's indigenous Sami group goes to the polls for the Sami Parliament elections today. Around 8,300 people have the right to vote, but estimates are that around 2,000 will do so today. Many more people vote by mail.

There are 18 voting locations spread throughout the country from Karesuando in the north to Stockholm in the south.

Nine parties are vying for seats in the Sami Parliament. The parties cannot be classified as left or right or center in the traditional sense.

Rather the parties differ from each other based on their stances on specific issues that are important to the Sami people.

One big issue revolves around what rights Sami reindeer herders have compared to non-Sami reindeer herders.

Land and water rights, as well as the environment and questions around what it means to be a Sami, are also important issues in this year’s election.