call to repeal fra law

Greens take up education and climate

The Green Party took up schools and climate on its day at the Almedalen week of heavy politics. Both were highlighted by party co-leader Gustav Fridolin in his speech from the stage in the park on the island of Gotland.

Fridolin started, however, with a call for the release of Swedish journalist Dawik Isaak from his imprisonment without charge or trial in Eritrea. He then called for the repeal of the FRA law, which allows the Swedish counterpart to the American NSA to spy on electronic traffic, before moving on to education.

Fridolin, a teacher by profession, said the mission of schools is not to cost as little as possible, but rather to teach as much as possible. Turning to the working conditions for teachers and students, he said that in three out of four Swedish schools the ventilation is so poor that it is a health problem.

Gustav Fridolin also criticized the center-right government for its climate policies, saying the Swedish people deserve a government that stands in the vanguard for fighting the climate threat.

In a dig at Monday night’s speech by Jimmie Åkesson, leader of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats, Fridolin addressed the crowd as “Sweden friends”.