Left Party leader calls for end to privatisation

The leader of Sweden’s Left Party Jonas Sjöstedt has called for an end to the privatization of public services in a speech dominated by criticism of private profits in the welfare and education sector.  

“What kind of society are we creating with privatization?”  Are we citizens or customers?” he asked a jubilant crowd of supporters at Almedalen park on Gotland island.

Sjöstedt cited several notable examples of privatizations which ended in fiasco, including Serafin clinic in Stockholm which was sold to private owners for SEK 700,000 and resold later for SEK 20 million.

He called for a change to Sweden’s constitution to restrict the sale of public utilities without large majorities at local and national level.

The Left Party leader also attacked the government’s track record on equal opprtunities, lack of progress on tackling climate change and job creation; and he predicted a change of government to a Left-Green coalition at the next election.

“After rain comes sun,” he said. “After Reinfeldt comes the Red-Green.”