Center calls to restrict dangerous chemicals

It’s Center Party day at the Almedalen week of intense politics on the island of Gotland, and the party is calling for restrictions on the use of dangerous chemicals.

Writing in the newspaper Svenska Dagbladet Saturday, ahead of her speech in the Almedalen park, center leader Annie Lööf presents a package including increased taxation for the use of chemicals, a ban on the most dangerous, and new technologies to filter pharmaceutical residues at water treatment plants.

Lööf says Sweden shouldn’t wait for the EU, but should be first in banning dangerous chemicals such as Bisphenol A and Parabens. New technologies for filtering drug residues from water, she says, could also offer export opportunities for Sweden.

Lööf also criticises Social Democrat leader Stefan Löfven for not being clearer about who his party would govern with should they win next year’s elections.

The three red-green opposition parties have led the center-right government coalition in the polls for months, and Lööf’s own Center Party has often recently been under the threshold for staying in parliament.