Railway boss will not have to return wrongful pay

A top civil servant will keep the money that the state wrongly paid him for seven different jobs, while he was at the same time claiming to be on part-time disability pay.

Jan Sundling is the top man in Sweden's trouble-hit railway firm SJ. Swedish Television revealed that at the same time he has been employed by two other state-owned companies for a total of SEK 600,000 a year, as well as being on the payroll for the Enterprise Ministry to the tune of another SEK 500,000, for a part-time position.

The government's own rules say that someone employed at the Cabinet Office (Regeringskansliet) should not be paid for any other jobs at state-owned firms.

But now the three bodies: railway company SJ, consultancy firm Vectura and the Swedish Maritime Administration have decided not to ask for the money back that was wrongly paid.

Erik Thedéen, of the Moderate Party, is responsible for state-owned companies and local authorities. He says to Swedish Television News that the government, the agencies and Sundling himself all bear responsibility for the mistake, but that it is not legally possible to demand the money back.