Beware: the surströmming is let out of the can!

8:18 min

The third Thursday in August, is the official day for "surströmming première", when Swedes start eating the strong-smelling delicacy of so called "soured herring" - fish that has been fermented for months to reach the right consistency, taste - and smell.

While many Swedes enjoy the crayfish première in August, the soured herring is a more acquired taste. And it is in particular the smell that puts people off.

But Boo Dahlin, chairman of the Surströmming Academy notes that everybody who have eaten it know that the smell of surströmming is something quite different from the taste.

The herring is caught in the Baltic Sea in the spring, and put in a brine for 6-8 weeks to get the fermenting process going, before it is put in a tin, and stored until the middle of August and the surströmming première.

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