Obama's security bill to be hefty

The bill for police handling security during US President Barack Obama's visit is expected to be a hefty one, Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter reported Wednesday.

For instance, the roughly 2,000 police officers called in from across the country are expected to cost SEK 24 million during the American president's two-day visit to Stockholm. In addition their salary, the total cost also covers accommodation for police officers who have travelled from elsewhere in Sweden to work security in Stockholm.

According to the Swedish Secret Service (SÄPO), Obama's visit will be within budget but the agency declined to reveal any totals on the grounds that it could disclose information about their ability to protect the president.

What the overall costs of the visit will be is not yet clear, but Obama's 2009 visit to Oslo may hint at the total price. For his Norwegian trip, SEK 163 million was spent on security.