Toddler victim of brutal hate crime attack

A father and his 18 month old son have been attacked in Malmö in what the police are calling a hate crime, reports news agency TT.

The man was out walking with his son on Sunday evening when a man and two women attacked the child, breaking his toy and knocking him to the ground.

“First they were attacked verbally because of their skin colour and ethnicity,” Thomas Bull, head of the Malmö police’s hate crime department.

“Then the man threatened to kill the boy. This is a hate crime.”

Two more people joined the original attackers and began kicking and hitting the man, before attempting to throw him over a footbridge onto a road below. However the man managed to hang onto a railing.

“They beat his hands to try to make him lose his grip,” said Bull.

Several witnesses saw the attack but police have not made any arrest. The crime is being treated as grievous bodily harm but may be changed to attempted manslaughter, depending on the results of the investigation.