5 minutes underwater

Passersby save infant from near drowning

Two people rescued a 2-year-old boy Wednesday night from the Fyrisån River in Uppsala after the child and stroller rolled into water, Swedish Radio News reports. The boy survived despite spending five minutes in the cold water.

Tobias Jakobsson and police officer Cathrin Levander, who was out jogging at the time, heard the crying father and managed to get hold of the stroller that the boy lay in and pulled him out of the river.

"I heard a man shouting, 'Help, come, come, come!' Then I saw a man in the water yelling, 'No, not me. Not my son,'" said Tobias Jakobsson.

It is estimated the infant was under the water for about five minutes before Jakobsson and Levander reached him. It was unclear how the stroller rolled into the river but the pair, along with help from others alerted to the accident, were able rescue and resuscitate the boy.

Uppsala Police confirmed the boy was released from the intensive care unit but remained hospitalized Thursday.