Animal-rights protest

Calls for football boycott over mink display

Police have called in extra forces ahead of a Sunday football match between Swedish teams Mjällby and Elfsborg where 13 mink will be displayed.

Meetings have been held with Mjällby football club and the trade organisation Swedish Mink (Svensk mink), which received threats this week.

"I don't take the threats so seriously," Johan Dalén, CEO of Swedish Mink told Swedish Television News.

Swedish animal-rights organisation Djurens Rätt called for a boycott of the match and the music festival Sweden Rock demanded that its logo be removed from the football club's shirts and from the Strandvallen arena.

Djurens Rätt claimed that the mink display is a political act, which would be against the football club's rules. However, the Swedish Football Association (Svenska fotbollsförbundet) disagreed, the local P4 Blekinge radio station reported.

P4 Blekinge reported that while signs and displays showing Sweden Rock's logo will be removed, the Mjällby players will wear their regular shirts and will not cover or cut out any logos.

The head of the Mjällby football club, Jörgen Martinsson, said that the mink trade and Mjällby have strong links. In a radio interview earlier this week, Martinsson said he hoped the focus on Sunday would be on the football match.