Opposition demands investigation into Nuon deal

The Social Democrat Party, the Left Party and the Green Party have jointly demanded a non-partisan investigation into the decision by state-owned power company Vattenfall to purchase Dutch company Nuon, news agency TT reported.

Vattenfall paid SEK 97 billion kronor for the Dutch company, despite warnings from government employees that the price was inflated. The actual value of Nuon was subsequently written down by SEK 37 billion.

"We need clarity regarding this issue. There are so many unanswered questions about the deal," said Per Bolund, Green Party spokesman on economic policy.

One of the questions that the opposition parties wanted the government to answer is whether or not the consulting firm McKinsey informed the government that the Nuon purchase would lead Vattenfall to require a future injection of capital from tax payers. If that was the case, the opposition parties asked, then why was the deal approved?

The right-wing Sweden Democrat Party said they would consider supporting the proposal to launch an investigation.

Asked by TT to comment on the motion, Charlotta Johansson, a spokeswoman for the conservative Moderate Party, said that this is nothing new per se and that the red-green parties only seem to be able to unite when it comes to complaining about the government.