Syrian refugees on the way to Sweden attacked

News that Syrian refugees already in Sweden will be granted permanent residence status has prompted many Syrians in the Middle East to try to make their way illegally to Europe by boat, and then enter Sweden by any means possible.

Swedish Radio News' correspondent Cecilia Uddén met several refugees who are currently incarcerated in Egypt, after their boat came under fire from the Egyptian Coastguard, which thought they were smugglers

Two refugees were killed in the incident. One of them was the mother of Ibrahim, age 13.

"My name is Ibrahim al Masry, and I was on my way to Sweden but that wasn't possible. My mother died on the boat . She was shot by the coastguard and now the police are holding me here in Egypt.  Can you help me?" the refugee asked the Swedish reporter.

Another incarcerated Syrian woman speaks about her humiliation;

"You can't imagine how we despise ourselves, but the truth is that I have no more compassion left for that boy who lost his mother. I have to think about my own three children. I want them to get to Sweden. That is more important than what happens with Ibrahim."

A total of 120 boat refugees, including 50 children, are currently held at the police station in Abu Qir on the outskirts of Alexandria. Many fear they will be deported back to Syria.