Last chance to get Estonia catastrophe to court?

The last chance to hold someone legally responsible for the Estonia ferry catastrophe that claimed 852 lives in 1994 looks like ending in failure, Swedish Radio News reports.

There have been attempts to start legal proceedings in Paris against the ship's manufacturers and the ship classification firm Bureau Veritas since 1996, but now the lawyers working with the case they need more details from those affected by the disaster. If the details are not provided to a court in Nanterre by the middle of next month, the case could fall.

The case is being held in France, because more people can be held accountable there for the accident, according to French law. But, taking part in the law suit could also mean high legal costs, Swedish Radio News reports.

The Estonia sank in heavy weather between Tallinn and Stockholm in 1994, killing 852 people on board. It was the worst maritime disaster since the Second World War.