Swedish municipalities scrutinise sex toys

Several municipalities in Sweden are checking sex toys for substances that could negatively affect human reproduction.

Authorities warn that dildos and other sex aids could contain phtalates - lubricating, chemical substances that are thought to be able to change hormone levels and cause birth defects.

Some of these substances have been banned from children's toys since children tend to put toys in their mouths. However, up until now, the adult sex toy industry has not been scrutinised in the same way in Sweden.

"We know that the chemicals can effect reproduction very strongly, but we do not know how people are affected by using sex toys that contain these substances," Anna Löfström, an environmental inspector in the City of Malmö in southern Sweden, told news agency TT.

Christian Lindh, an associate professor in occupational and environmental medicine at Lund University, said he is not aware of any similar studies of sex toys. "It's a very sensitive topic," he said.