Could take up to eleven years

Schools slow to remove mold

It can take several years for schools to remove mold and remediate moisture problems, according to an investigation by Swedish Radio programme Kaliber. In one in five cases where mold of moisture problems had been reported it took the school over two years to resolve the problem.

The radio program has gone through the Swedish Work Environment Authority's reports of mold and moisture problems in schools over the past three years and found that some schools had been aware of issues with mold for up to eleven years before dealing with them. The radio program also noted many cases of poor indoor ventilation and dampness, both of which could have a negative effect of children's health according to Gunnel Emenius at the Karolinska Institute.

"Problems with mold and dampness should be resolved immediately. To be exposed to this kind of environment for longer periods of time is a clear health-risk, especially for people with asthma," Emenius says to Kaliber.