Court frees HIV-infected man who had unprotected sex

The Court of Appeal in Skåne freed an HIV-infected man today who had been sentenced to one year in prison after he had unprotected sex with four women.

News agency TT reports the District Court originally sentenced the man for putting the women's health in danger. But, the Court of Appeal decided that a prerequisite for the man to be convicted of "creating danger to another" is that, by his actions, he exposed the women to a "real danger" for contracting a serious illness.

After hearing testimony from both Swedish Institute for Communicable Disease Control and Jan Albert, a professor at the Karolinska Institute, the court wrote that the risk of contracting an HIV infection in these cases was very low, despite the fact that no condom was used. The reason behind this was that the accused, during the time in question, was undergoing HIV treatment.

"Good law enforcement is adapting to developments in medicine," the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education wrote on its Twitter account and giving the thumbs up for the right use of experts to decide.