"Police need to do more to protect journalists"

4:22 min

Not enough is being done to protect journalists from threats. That's according to the Swedish publishers association, an umbrella organisation for Sweden's media companies, including TV and radio and newspapers. In an open letter to SÄPO, Sweden's Intelligence Service, they say not enough is being done, and have want a meeting with the head of the service to discuss it.

There have been several high-profile cases of media harassment recently. Workers at a local newspaper in southern Sweden were given thirty minutes to take down an article from their website when gang members forced their way into the office, and a writer for the tabloid Expressen faced harassment when she wrote an article about the treatment of Roma by the Swedish police.

Now, Jeanette Gustafsdotter, in charge of the industry organisation Utgivarna, says SÄPO needs to do more to protect journalists. In today's programme from Radio Sweden we asked why, and has the situation really become worse for Sweden's journalists?