Swedish aid on its way to typhoon victims

6:01 min

As the clean-up operation after the super-typhoon in the Philippines gets underway, Swedish organisations are doing what they can to help. The warnings before the storm stuck meant that many organisations had prepared for a relief effort, but the devastating effects of the storm have nevertheless been shocking, says Mari Mörth, humanitarian director of the Swedish Branch of Save the Children. 

 "We were able to send teams before it happened, but this was worse than anyone expected and the effects are tremendous," she told Radio Sweden.

Meanwhile the news agency TT reports of generous donations from the Swedish public, eager to contribute to the aid operation.

By mid-morning on Monday, a joint emergency fund of the Swedish Red Cross, Save the Children, Unicef, UNHCR and Doctors without Borders, together with TV4, had received 2 million SEK only since Sunday evening.