Supreme Court

Girl appeals court's decision to cut sex tape fine

The girl whose boyfriend secretly filmed while they were having sex, and published it on internet, has turned to the Supreme Court to appeal a lower court's decision to dramatically cut the compensation he has to pay her.

Göta appeals court motivated cutting the compensation from 130,000 SEK to 25,000 by saying it is getting more normal in Sweden for people to be open about their sexuality. The decision was widely criticised.

The girls legal representative tells Swedish Radio P4 that she is confident that the Supreme Court will accept the case, as the case has no precedent. She says the girl is not doing well, and is feeling the pressure of all the attention in the media, but after reviewing the appeals court's decision with her lawyer, she has decided to take it further.

The 17-year-old former boyfriend never questioned the initial sentence of defamation, but wanted the compensation sum lowered.