Dessert lovers plead to keep unpasteurized milk

The director general of Sweden's National Food Agency met with eight so-called "farmers' wives" Tuesday to discuss how the agency's proposed ban on unpasteurized milk would affect their beloved dish of "ostkaka," Swedish cheesecake or curd cake.

News agency TT reports that the irate "bonnkärringar" from southern Sweden sat down with Stig Orustfjord, and a slice of cheesecake, to convince him to drop the ban since unpasteurized milk is a key ingredient of the Småland dessert.

"It's a tradition one can not pick away at without angering us," said Margrit Gerhardsson, one of the "bonnkärringar" that spoke with Orustfjord.

Orustfjord said his agency has no beef with the cheesecake itself, but that drinking unpasteurized milk can pose a health risk, especially to young children. A decision on whether to enact the ban will be taken early next year.

"When it comes to the cheesecake, there is no risk of contamination, since it is heated in exactly the same manner as pasteurized milk," Orustfjord told TT. "So we will take that into consideration."