Rapper's lyrics prompt snub from politicians

2:25 min

Swedish rapper Jason "Timbuktu" Diakité was recognized at ceremony in Parliament on Wednesday though several politicians boycotted the event saying he threatened party leader Jimmie Åkesson in a song.

In the song "Black Doves And Wilted Lilies," recorded with the hip-hop group Kartellen, Diakité sings about modern-day life in Sweden and, at one point, says "dunk Jimmie yellow and blue".

Using a Swedish expression that's akin to saying "beat someone black and blue," the artist's words landed him in hot water with several politicians, who claim the lines are a political threat against Jimmie Åkesson, head of the far-right Sweden Democrats.

Writing on Swedish Television's website and his Facebook and Twitter account, Timbuktu says he has always rejected violence and called the lyrics in question a "play on words".

Skipping the ceremony were members of the Sweden Democrats and Per Westerberg, speaker of parliament, who wrote last week "as speaker, I avoid all awards ceremonies that can be perceived as controversial".

Timbuktu was honored on Wednesday for his work against racism and xenophobia from the Five Minutes-to-Twelve Movement

Rosanna Dinamarca of Sweden's Left Party disagreed with the snub. She said an artists' freedom of express should be absolute and finds its more serious that some elected politicians have wielded iron bars against people, referring to three Sweden Democrats caught on film scuffling with a drunken man and hurling racist abuse.

"This is fiction, it's a metaphor," she told Swedish Radio, "not a call for violence."