Ad for book on immigration causes upset

An advertisement for a book on Swedish immigration policy, published in newspaper Dagens Nyheter on Sunday, has caused a stir on social media, with critics claiming it amounts to racist propaganda and should not appear in a national daily.

The ad, from a publisher called Debattförlaget, lists statistics on immigration taken, it states, from Statistics Sweden, the Swedish Migration Board and the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions.

The headline of the ad reads: "What do YOU know about immigration and immigration policy?" It urges readers to find out more in a book whose title translates as "Immigration and Cover-ups: An Objective Report From a Distorted Era".

Swedish journalist and priest Helle Klein described the ad as "racist" and urged Dagens Nyheter to apologise for publishing it. Journalist Alexandra Pascalidou also suggested on Twitter that the ad amounts to "racist propaganda" and that it is filled with "distorted facts".

Dagens Nyheter's editor-in-chief, Peter Wolodarski, defended the newspaper's decision to publish the ad, saying it has a "generous advertising policy" and that the ad in question kept "within the framework for what we could accept".

Responding to critics on the newspaper's homepage and on Twitter, Wolodarski wrote that there had been extensive internal discussions at the newspaper before the decision was made to publish the ad. He added that the newspaper would not carelessly publish a "message which is hateful/xenophobic/racist" and referred to a previous decision during the last general election to decline publishing an ad from the right-wing Sweden Democrat Party.

Wolodarksi also wrote that he understands those who have reacted against the ad and its message.