Nazi group attacks peaceful rally: two stabbed

Two people were stabbed on Sunday and two police officers were injured during an anti-racism rally in southern Stockholm which came under attack from a group of far-right extremists. The two who were stabbed, along with the injured police officers, were taken to hospital but their injuries were not thought to be life threatening. Police made 28 arrests.

An estimated 200 people gathered in Kärrtorp, Sunday lunchtime, for the organised anti-racism demonstration which had been prompted by a spate of Nazi graffitti in the area in recent weeks. The protest rally was disrupted by a group of right-wing extremists throwing objects.The Nazi organization Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska Motståndsrörelsen) later claimed responsibility for the attack.

Police spokesperson, Kjell Lindgren, told news agency TT, that the demonstration, which they viewed as peaceful, was attacked by about 30 to 40 people who pitched bottles, flares and loose objects."There was a brief confrontation between these two groups," Kjell Lindgren said.  

Enzo Nahuel from the organisation Students Against Racism was in Kärrtorp and helped to arrange the rally, along with the group "Line 17". He told TT:"I made ​​a speech when the Nazis came and started throwing bottles and firecrackers at families with children," he said. He pointed out that they were not masked anti-racism protestors who demonstrated but a broad range of people, including families with children."This is a dangerous group that attacks anyone who wants to get involved and fight racism," he said.The demonstration ended at 2 p.m.