The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency wants swedes to recycle more clothes

Swedes throw out 80 percent of their clothing

Each year, large amounts of clothing and other textiles are thrown out in Sweden and only 20 percent of all textiles are recycled, Swedish Television SVT reports. 

Naturvårdsverket, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, said that Swedes consume nearly 15 kilograms of textiles per person per year.

Of those thrown away more than half go directly into the trash and are incinerated. Only a very small percentage goes towards reuse or recycling.

According to Naturvårdsverket: "This is not a very smart way to manage this precious resource that textile are. It is much better if we increase the recovery".

The agency is proposing that there will be collections in all municipalities to gather discarded textiles and ensure that they are recycled.

The new target for 2020, is that up to 40 percent of all textiles will be reused.