Demonstrations call for new rape legislation

Several large demonstrations were held around the country Saturday against rape and sexual violence. Up to 3000 took part in a demo in central Stockholm.

Protesters want Swedish rape law changed so that a "consent" paragraph is included. That could mean that rape suspects would have to prove that the victim consented to have sex with them for no crime to have been committed.

Current legislation means that in some cases prosecutors have to prove that the suspect knew that the victim did not want to have sex, for it to be classed as rape.

A court case in Lund hit the media recently, when it was reported that a suspect said a woman said "no" several times during intercourse, and that he used force on her, but he did not think she meant it as they had previously discussed S & M sex.

One of the organisers of the demonstration in Stockholm, Ida Östensson, told Swedish Radio Stockholm: "We are a large number of organisations, movements and individuals who have worked with this over a long period of time, but we all had had enough after the Lund case. We have to get together and do something. We have a law that doesn't work. The people have had enough!"