Over 400 Roma demand compensation for database

Hundreds of Swedes have turned to the Security and Integrity Board (SIN) with compensation claims in the belief that their names were included in the highly controversial secret database of Roma kept by the police in Skåne. SIN, which has access to the names on the register, has now examined 60 cases where persons are present in the register, and all of these will be handed over to the Chancellor of Justice to decide on potential damages. SIN says it has over 400 cases left to work through.

The Security and Integrity Board also today announced that it is taking a closer look at the police authorities in Norrbotten, Västra Götaland and Östergötland. More police may be examined at a later stage, the authority wrote in a press release.

In late January, SIN completed its review of all of Sweden's 21 regional police forces. It said the several other police authorities aprt from Skåne may have records that are against the law.