Museum in search of lost sound

1:35 min

Lost sounds are to be gathered, so they can be used in music and computer games.

A Swedish museum is part of a European project to collect and recreate old machine sounds.

The Museum of work, Arbetets museum, in Norrköping, has two years to link up with other museums  and collect sound from machines that are no't in use any more. And they may have to recreate sound from ones that don't even exist any more.

The sounds will then be used by museums for exhibitions, in schools - and above all, by the music industry and when making computer games.

At the Museum of Work Torsten Nilsson says one everyday item they're thinking of is the electric whisp - did it sound the same in Slovenia, in Finland, in Sweden, during the 1950s?

Who hears a typrewriter any longer? Who has one, asks Torsten Nilsson. He says sounds can mean so much to people, connected strongly with memories of specific times.


Loukas Christodouou

Maria Turdén