Prosecutor demands prison for Kärrtorp neo-Nazis

A prosecutor wants two neo-Nazis sent to prison for leading the attack on a demonstration in Stockholm's Kärrtorp.

On Thursday the prosecution presented its final evidence as the court case closes. The court will issue a judgement at the end of March.

Prosecutor Tove Kullberg wants two ringleaders sentenced to jail - one for 10-12 months and another for slightly longer. Both accused men are aged 24.

The two extremists belong to the neo-Nazi Swedish Defence Movement (SMR). For the co-accused leader of the group, the prosecution wants to defer a court decision over the Kärrtorp attack, as an attack on a Left party politician in Dalarna might be added to the charges.

A total of seven people have been charged with violent disorder after the attack on the Kärrtorp demonstration on 15th of December, which sparked a massive response a week later, when 20,000 people demonstrated against the neo-Nazi attack.