Swedish right-wing extremists in Ukraine to support political party

Several Swedes with ties to the neo-Nazi Party of the Swedes, (Svenskarnas Parti), have travelled to Ukraine to support the far-right party Svoboda, Swedish Radio News reports.

It's unclear just how many Swedes have travelled to Ukraine to support the party, or what they will do to show their support. The Swedish Intelligence Service, Säpo, says to Swedish Radio that they are aware of the trips but have decided not to take any action.

"We don't have any interest in the trips. It's not against the law to be part of a organisation or to have contacts abroad," says Ahn-Za Hagström, analyst at the Intelligence Service.

However, Daniel Poohl, editor-in-chief at Expo, a newspaper owned by a non-government organisation that studies anti-democratic tendencies in society, says that it's well-known that people who are part of far-right organisations more often commit political crimes or attack people of a different political standpoint and argues that Säpo should have an interest in these people.

"Some of them may come back with greater confidence and might get inspired by the Ukrainian party. It could feed the already growing racial ideologies in Sweden," Poohl says to Swedish Radio.