sida report

Suspected corruption of overseas funds

Swedish overseas development assistance agency Sida said on Monday that it received 140 reports of suspected corruption involving its funds sent to aid other nations last year.

Sida said that it demanded money back in 21 cases in 2013. They involved large sums of money, totalling SEK 21.7 million. In some cases where there is a suspicion of corruption, Sida's annual report on corruption said that it has not been possible to recover the money or withold future funds because there are flaws in the way the contracts are written.

"Sometimes we see that it is not clear what the money is intended for. We see that we need to strengthen the demand for clarification on budgets," said Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, general director of Sida.

A total of 140 complaints of corruption were received by Sida in 2013. In 45 cases, the notifications made ​​to Sida led to the organisation starting its own investigations - more than twice as many as in 2012. Ten police or prosecution notifications have been made, including two in Sweden. Among the countries involved includes Afghanistan, one of Sweden's biggest recipients of development assistance.