Sweden relies on growing number of temporary workers

The number of people holding temporary jobs or working as freelancers is increasing in Sweden, where more and more people are struggling to maintain the standard of living they once had when they worked as permanent, full-staff employees.

That's the word from from Lisa Pelling, chief analyst at the progressive think tank, ArenaGruppen, and Shade Jalali, the co-author of a recent book called, "End the Crap Life" which details the growing trend of  temporary jobs.

Both Pelling and Jalali think the problem is increasing and that it belies Sweden's reputation as a liberal, full employment, worker's paradise.

Some 698,000 people are employed as temporary workers in Sweden, which represents an increase of about 52,000 from last year.  

The problem, accordin to Pelling, is being caused by stubbornly high unemployment, which currently sits at around 8.6 percent in Sweden.

The number of people looking for work has allowed employers to use less expensive and more creative methods to staff their businesses. Those methods , often include using a higher percentage of temporary and freelance workers.

Such methods can be much cheaper alteternative for a company if it choses to rely upon, younger, less expensive workers, according to Jalali.

Jalali also suspects that the current trend might lead to far reaching health problems through increased stress and anxiety.