Riot police clear migrants camp

Local police have cleared a camp belonging to EU migrants in Sollentuna, north of Stockholm.

Around 30 people were taken into custody after activists tried to prevent the police from removing the huts and tents belonging to the migrants. Many of them had already left before the trouble broke out, news agency TT reports.

"It is so messy. The activists are around our bailiffs so that they cannot do their job. So, following consultations with the police, we have decided to postpone the eviction," the Debt Enforcement Agency Goran Eriksson told Swedish Radio News earlier today. After a few hours the police returned in greater numbers.

Anna Silver was one of those who coordinated the demonstration against the eviction. She had tried to find alternative places to stay for the people in the camp.

She told Swedish Radio that the camps are not the solution for the 100 or so EU migrants, who are mostly Roma from Romania. She thinks that Romania must change its approach to its poor citizens so that they get help.

The Roma had previously set up camps in two other locations in Stockholm, before being moved on by local authorities.