Malmö to be erased from PR material?

Sweden's southern city of Malmö could lose out in promotional materials for the Öresund region, news agency TT reports.

The mayor of the city's larger neighbour, Copenhagen, Frank Jensen, allegedly just wants to name his city in advertising, saying Malmö is too unknown to deserve a mention. So instead of mentioning the "Copenhagen-Malmö region", it should just say "Copenhagen region".

Local politicians in Malmö warn that the city could lose out on valuable investment as a result, and plan a meeting to discuss the issue soon.

Malmö was in the headlines last year when it hosted the Eurovision Song Contest, which was won by Denmark, meaning next-door Copenhagen will take over the hosting baton this year.

Several events were held in Copenhagen last year ahead of the contest in Malmö. No such events have yet been announced in the Swedish city this year.