Bildt says Russia threatens EU peace

Foreign Minister Carl Bildt says the European Union see Russia's behavior in the Crimean peninsula as "an act of aggression."

Speaking before Swedish Parliament Friday afternoon about the ongoing dispute, Bildt said the continent is in the throes of a serious european crisis.

"What Russia has done is a major threat to peace in Europe," he told parliamentarians.

When asked about possible sanctions against Russia or the freezing of overseas assets, Bildt says the Swedish government is still awaiting suggestions from Brussels.

The minister was criticized, however, for his support of the ultra-nationalist Ukrainian party Svoboda. The Left Party's Hans Linde and Sweden Democrat Julia Kronlid attacked Bildt for not distancing himself from the party, which is hostile to Russia and holds five senior roles in Ukraine's new government.

Bildt personally asked to speak to parliament about the on-going tensions. The last time Carl Bildt used the opportunity to personally request parliamentary time was six years ago during the Georgian war, news agency TT reports.