Over ten thousand in anti-nazi protests

More anti-racism demonstrations were held in several Swedish cities Sunday.

Thousands took to the streets in Gothenburg and Malmö to protest against a series of incidents involving Nazi groups.

Last weekend a group of people leaving a feminist demonstration on International Women's Day in Malmö were set upon by a group of nazis, four people were injured, one of them seriously. He is still in hospital, but is said to be making slow progress.

Malmö's Möllevång Square was filled by thousands of protestors Sunday afternoon, with police describing it as one of the largest demonstrations ever seen on the square. Over 9,000 people are thought to have taken part in that demonstration alone, police say, which then left the square in a march to Gustav Adolf Square closer to the city centre.

Demonstrations were also held in Gothenburg and Luleå today. Thousands gathered in Stockholm's Medborgarplatsen Saturday, with another demonstration being held this afternoon.