Örebro extends boil order until Wednesday

3:35 min

Residents in Örebro are under a three-day boil order after tests found bacteria in the municipality's drinking water.

Swedish Radio News reports that tests found traces of E. coli bacteria in the tap water after sewage leaked into the drinking water system over the weekend.

Local authorities said tap water used for cooking or drinking should be boiled first for three minutes.

Tests are being made every 12 hours to see if the bacteria are still present in the water.

The sewage leaked from the toilets in a café above the Svampen water tower in the city, and down through the concrete into the water tanks in the tower.

Residents are advised to call the health helpline 1177 if they start feeling unwell. The boil order, which affects about 100,000 people, is in place until Wednesday.

No-one has yet reported illnesses from the bacteria, Lars Ferbe from the city council told Radio Sweden.