Sture Bergwall free after two decades

2:14 min

Sture Bergwall, who made up confessions to over 30 murders, is to be released from closed psychiatric confinement.

The decision was announced Wednesday by an administrative court in Falun, western Sweden.

Bergwall, also known as Thomas Quick, has been confined to the Säter psychiatric hospital for the criminally insane since the 1990s, when he confessed to a series of murders and became known as the most ruthless killer in Scandinavian history. He was convicted of eight murders, but later changed his name and revealed his confessions were all faked. After withdrawing his confessions, Bergwall was cleared of all charges.

Bergwall will continue to receive psychiatric treatment after his release. He must also refrain from alcohol and drugs as well as agree to take tests when called in by the chief medical officer.

Bergwall must also be in regular contact with the open psychiatric care facility where he has a contact person and must agree to receive municipal support personnel at his home in Jämtland, central Sweden.