Youths attack Romanian beggars

A group of suspected teenagers attacked several Romanian beggars with stones and bottles at a mall in northern Stockholm, according to police.

One of the victims who was attacked was Ileana Stanescu, who is part of a group of around 60 people begging in the Kista area.

"They beat me for no reason, they chased us all, they brought sticks and stones and they had spray too," she said.

Police so far had not made any arrests. Witnesses told officers that a group of about 25 teens started attacking 59-year-old Stanescu.

The woman was helped by a man who said he tried to reason with the youth to calm the situation. But there were too many attackers, he said.

"There were between 20 to 25 teenagers. The whole street was full of young people here. They threw stones, cans and bottles on the woman," said Ahmed Amer.