Supermarket's Easter ad draws Christian ire

4:13 min

Swedish food retailer Ica landed itself in hot water after producing an Easter TV commercial which upset some Christians, with some even calling for a boycott.

Ica swiftly apologised and pulled the ad, which had characters sitting down for an Easter meal only to have an explanation of Jesus' Last Supper transform into talk of waxing hairy backs.

Two people complained to Sweden's advertising ombudsman.

In an op-ed published Thursday, Erik Helmerson, editorial writer for newspaper Dagens Nyheter, said that while we should be able to poke fun at religion, Ica and their ad agency should have thought twice before airing the commercial.

Helmerson, who identifies as a practicing Catholic, told Radio Sweden: "I have no problem with blasphemy, really. It belongs in a liberal society, of course. What offends me with this, though, is the lack of reflection. There hasn't been any reflection at all here. They just thought it was a good idea to crack a joke about crucifixion and the passion of Easter."

"My guess is that those behind this commercial have no insight at all into what Easter means to a billion people around the world and there would probably not have been that same lack of reflection if the subject would have been Islam or Judaism."