Gothenburg mulls free campsites for migrants

5:16 min

Gothenburg is proposing to set aside free campsites for poor EU migrants.

Local officials with the Social Democrats on the city's executive board said they wanted to avoid the sort of forced evictions seen in nearby Mölndal and in Stockholm.

"We don't want to do that. We want to do something," said Johan Buser, who is the assistant to the deputy mayor. He said the city is hoping charity organizations and local churches will help with the proposal.

He said the plan is still in the developing stages and that the city is eyeing land owned by the municipality to be used for the campsites. Buser said they have set aside SEK 6.4 million for the project.

He added that the public has reacted strongly to seeing EU migrants begging on the streets of Gothenburg. He said the city must take some sort of humanitarian measures to help them.

"We have so many people in the streets now so we must do something," Buser said, estimating there are about 100 to 150 Roma individuals living on the streets.