Pirate Party to keep parliament seat?

The Pirate Party could manage to hold on to one of its two current seats in the European Parliament, if a new poll for Swedish Radio is to be believed.

With just nine days to go before the Swedes go to the polls in the European elections next Sunday, the Pirate Party has 3.9 percent support, just 0.1 percentage points below the threshold to be guaranteed a place in parliament.

Meanwhile, the centre-right Centre Party look like losing their seat in Brussels/Strasbourg, with just 3.2 percent support, and the xenophobic Sweden Democrats would get into the parliament for the first time with 6.6 percent.

Other winners in the poll are the opposition Social Democrats, who gain 2.5 percentage points' support compared with the last European elections, to reach 26.9 percent, the Left Party have jumped 4.5 percentage points to 10.2, and the Greens have gone up 3.9 percentage points to 14.9 percent.

The Liberal Party sees its support fall by 5.2 percentage points to 8.4 percent.

The poll was carried out by pollsters Novus, with the company interviewing 1,664 people between 5th and 11th May. 1,004 of those questioned had decided on a party.